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Waynes Citrus Cycle Tech Tips

Wayne understand that you like to tinker with your machine to help keep it in good shape and because it's just plain fun to do. The following are a few tips for the home garage mechanic to use to help you do just that, from keeping your Ape Handlebars in one place to the best cable lube you have ever used. Wayne has a few great tips that will keep you safe as well, the better braking tip and the fogged Harley headlamp tip will help keep you seeing at night better and if you have to, be able to stop quickly and safely. Check back with Wayne to chatch new tips on this page.

Steering Neck
Ape Handlebars
Twin Cam Tension
Wheel Balance
Transmission Lube
Clutch Lubrication
Better Braking
Ait Intake Fix
Best Cable Lube
Headlamp Clouding
Tire Choice
Harley Headlamp
Electrical Corrosion
Store Your Bike
Clutch Upgrade
Swing Arm Spacer
Harley Oil Change
Harley Lubricants
Harley Front Brakes
Harley Wheel Bearing